Reporting in Sierra

Hi Everyone

I’m new to Sierra after years of managing circulation in ALMA and am just beginning to find my way around.
I’ve been asked to provide stats on items that have been returned via our sortation unit but were not borrowed, i.e. used in the library and then collected by library staff. This type of transaction was called an in-house loan in ALMA and I was able to report on this. Does anyone know if it is possible to obtain similar information from Sierra?

All help very much appreciated.



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Offhand, I’m going to say that you will need to see if you can dig that info out of your sortation unit logs. Both Lyngsoe and Envisionware logs will contain SIP2 or other logs and you can tell from the response whether it was an actual check-in (from being checked out to a patron or in transit) or not. Sierra does not track in house use unless you are specifically under that function. (I’m happy to be wrong about this, but my experience was that I had to dig through SIP2 logs.)


Hi Sarah

This is really useful. Thank you