Report for avg amount saved by using the library

[We have the You Saved Receipt Messages turned on.]

At the Friends meeting tonight, they asked whether we could pull any data from Polaris as to the average amount patrons save by using the library. They hoped to use that data to advertise for the Friends (here’s what the average person saves at the library). Can I run a SQL or other report to get this data?

If I’m understanding your request correctly, an easy way would be to run

select avg(lifetimeyousavedamount) from patrons with (nolock)

I believe that would get you the average amount saved by all patrons since you started tracking the number. At our system, we have noticed that some prices are not entered accurately (e.g. barcodes entered instead of normal prices) which really distorts the count, so it might be worthwhile to just pull the list of You Saved amounts (not the average) so you can filter out any outliers and calculate the average manually (i.e. in excel).

This would show you just the numbers for this year:

select YTDYouSavedAmount from patrons with (nolock)

or last year’s numbers:

select YTDYouSavedAmount from PrevYearYouSavedAmount with (nolock)

Going back to years before last year is really time consuming but it can be done.


Great solution!

Just a quick plug to vote for an idea that would prevent this from happening: Set a maximum allowed price for items – Innovate with us