Reordering lists / saved items in Sierra

Hello all.

If one changes the max number of stored records for a review file in Sierra, is it possible to reorder the review files? For example, our first bunch of lists hold 1000 records to start. I wanted to break some of the review files down into smaller ones, like 2-500 record lists. Unfortunately, it popped the 500 record list to the very end, instead of at spot 1. I didn’t see anywhere in the admin module or create lists where I could reorder this instead of using manually sorting this.

Also, someone overwrote a saved sort that I used 100+ times a month. It previously was in the first spot but since I’ve recreated it, it’s now last in the list and I can’t overwrite the same of the new saved sort in its place, recreate my old sort, and move the new one to the end of the list. It might sound petty, but the change has added time to internal processes so it does have an effect. Is there any way to reorder this list permanently (not just sorting when opening it) so I can get my saved file at the top?

For the review files, you can just go to list one and adjust the max number of records, repeat until you get the arrangement you desire (being careful not to make an existing list-in-use smaller than the number of records it contains). As you discovered, when you add, it goes to the bottom but you can adjust on any line.

For the saved sort, yeah, that’s gonna be stuck at the bottom.

Thank you for the input, Pam.