RemoteApp & Desktop Connections - Credential Manager / Saved Passwords Issues

We push out Polaris to our member libraries via RemoteApp & Desktop Connections on terminal servers.

Lately, our libraries are getting prompted to input their credentials into a Windows Security Prompt. Even though when the connection was setup, credentials were saved. This is occurring on Windows 10 & Windows 11, across multiple builds.

During testing, I found that our gateway credentials were being automatically deleted after a few connections in Windows Credential Manager. We’ve been unable to find a permanent solution to this. But I did find a workaround:

  • On the problematic machine, recreate the RADC connection to refresh the credentials. (Make sure you click “Remember Me” when signing in)
  • Open Control Panel, switch to Small Icons, and click on Credential Manager.
  • Under the category “Windows Credentials” you should see your saved credentials for the RemoteApp under the identically named sub-category “Windows Credentials”. (For us, we have two credentials, one for the RDP Gateway, and another for the Terminal Servers)
  • Further down on this page, you should see another sub-category called “Generic Credentials”. Create identical entries under this category, to the credentials that were created when setting up the connection. For us, we only need to duplicate the gateway credential, as that is the one that is being deleted by Windows.

This seems to prevent the credentials from being deleted in Credential Manager, getting rid of the prompt for login credentials when connecting to the RemoteApp. However, this was not an issue earlier this year, we are not sure what has changed. I am curious to know if anyone else is having this issue and has discovered any fix? Our libraries are not joined to our domain so it’s harder to apply global fixes.


We use RemoteApp as well and have not been having this issue (yet). Thanks for sharing both it and a fix!