Question here - adjusting Forum notifications by product interest

Wondering if there’s a way in terms of settings where, sadly, we can set specific notifications by product or EXCLUDE specific notifications by product, ie., much as I love ya all, I would probably not be interested in a lot of the comments on, say Polaris, or Vega - Is there a “profile” somewhere where we can tick the possible key products to indicate which ones we are more globally interested in. I see the tags, but know also that some people (like me) rarely remember to tag anything :wink: Just curious if we can somehow sculpt our profiles to reflect items of interest.

You can modify your profile to mute categories, like Polaris. You can also mute specific threads.

To mute a category

To mute tags

Mute a thread

You can also mute a thread if a particular topic is not interesting to you.

Adjust digest settings

Super! Thank you Wes!

Don’t forget that once you have your email notifications dialed in, you can email in new topics, and you don’t have to use the web forum at all.