Python Power-Up: Supercharging Sierra Integration with sierra-ils-utils

Program Title: Python Power-Up: Supercharging Sierra Integration with sierra-ils-utils
ILS: Sierra
Program Description: Integration of information systems, particularly the Sierra Integrated Library System (ILS), presents a set of unique, ongoing challenges. This presentation introduces ‘sierra-ils-utils,’ an unofficial yet innovative Python library to help simplify and enhance this integration process.
The ‘sierra-ils-utils’ library’s primary goal is to improve flexibility, readability, and efficiency in terms of interacting with Sierra’s REST APIs. Key features of ‘sierra-ils-utils’ include: automated authentication and token refresh mechanisms, robust request retries upon failures, and efficient mapping of JSON responses from Sierra REST API endpoints to predefined data models. Additionally, the library’s availability on PyPi and easy installation via PIP significantly simplifies ‘sierra-ils-utils’ integration into various projects. Suggestions and pull requests on the public repository are welcome! GitHub - chimpy-me/sierra-ils-utils: Python wrappers for working with the Sierra ILS

Speaker/ Information: Ray Voelker ( - ILS Admin, Cincinnati & Hamilton County Public Library (CHPL)

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