Preparing Data with Unixesque Commands Redux

I was scheduled to deliver this presentation on the final day of IUG 2024 but had to cancel due to illness. On Monday and Tuesday of this week, staff from The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Marmot Library joined me in two Teams sessions and I am grateful for the opportunity to share this knowledge with them.

I would very much like to continue demonstrating these techniques for IUG members, so if you’d like to schedule one or more Teams sessions (one-on-one or with a group), please contact me at The only predictably bad times for me are Mondays at 11 AM Eastern and Wed-Thu afternoons until 5:00. After 5:00 on any day is fine. Tomorrow, next week or months from now, it’s all good.

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Hi Bob, thank you again for these Unixesque Commands sessions! Our Systems team at The Met learned a lot. For those of us who haven’t used Linux before this was a great introduction to the environment and what you can do with it. I recommend taking Bob up on his offer!

Thank you again for offering the training, Bob! And for inviting me to join, Daisy. I’ll be able to take what I’ve learned and use it in my daily work at Marmot. I highly recommend taking Bob up on his offer!