Post Migration Data Cleanup, Improved Accuracy and Scalability

Program Description

In 2013 Roux Library at Florida Southern College migrated from Koha to Sierra. This poster will focus on the post migration steps involved in assessing the data quality and the data cleanup. We created lists, exported and imported data, and used global and rapid updates. An important and final step was the implementation and creation of load profiles for bibliographic and item records, using record templates, and creating translation tables. We hope that this poster will provide a broad perspective of post migration best practices to all types of libraries interested in assessing data quality for ongoing improvement.

Program Numbers , Times & Locations
4/24/2018 11:00AM - 12:0PM Crystal C-E

Marina Morgan , Florida Southern College, Roux Library
Donna Kahelin , Florida Southern College, Roux Library

Program Materials

MM_DK_IUG2018.pdf (957.5 KB)