Polaris pickup area functionality in Innovative mobile app and Discover

Hello, all,

My 32 library Polaris consortia has many libraries looking forward to the Polaris 7.5 Pickup Area functionality, especially for fully functional smart lockers. We are hoping to upgrade Q1 next year.

However, we have the Innovative mobile app and hope to go live with Discover next year, and neither has this pickup functionality on their radar - which means we may need to continue creating fake “branches” to provide libraries with their pickup functionality across the multiple access platforms available for users.

In case anyone else may be in a similar situation, I wanted to mention the following Idea Exchange enhancement requests.
One for the mobile app: Include pickup area functionality available in Polaris 7.5 – Innovate with us

And one for Vega Discover: Enable multiple pickup locations per branch to support curbside and in-library holds pickup – Innovate with us

Thank you in advance if you are or may soon be facing similar situations and are able to add your vote.

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Ugh, this is such a classic oversight. It’s their own feature, why would they not include it in their other products!?

Good luck with the enhancement requests!