Polaris Inventory Manager

Is anyone using the Inventory Manager tool? If so, did you go with a laptop or tablet? If a laptop, what stylus/scanner?



We went with a laptop with Bluetooth capability and a Socket Scan S700 Bluetooth scanner from Provantage.


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Thanks Rex - I love those scanners and that is what I was leaning towards as well.

Hey Chad!

We use laptops with a hospital style rolling cart and a scanner. I can get you details on the scanners, but their pretty basic. I suspect what Rex shared is the route to go.

Hey Amie,

Great to hear from you! Sounds like we were thinking along the same lines as what you all have described here. Thanks for sharing, as always!

Can someone using Polaris Inventory Manager (PIM) and hosted by Innovative provide me with more information? I have been having difficulty finding documentation on PIM other than a brief description in the Staff Client Help. According to the help file, PIM allows you to take inventory quickly and efficiently with a wireless tablet PC while working at the shelves. However, I would like more detailed information on its features and capabilities. If anyone can provide guidance or links to relevant resources, it would be greatly appreciated.

Here is a helpful video but it is all I can seem to find. Inventory Manager which is found on the Patron Services - Polaris - support.iii.com

Thank you.

I would love it if Polaris offered anything for PIM, something we could share with our member libraries.