Polaris email notices not being delivered due to failed RFC compliance?

Hi all,

Recently every time Polaris tries to send a notification to a patron with a Yahoo email account, we get a bounceback stating “Message not accepted due to failed RFC compliance.” I’ve seen this happen with an AOL address as well. Have other libraries been seeing the same thing?

We are hosted. I figure this problem is related to the fundamental problem of email notifications being sent from a server that isn’t the same as the server of the ‘from’ address (notices are sent from the Polaris server but use a City of Irving email domain). I am guessing Yahoo just made a change to their spam filters, but it’s a bummer. We ask people to whitelist the address but I know that realistically most of them won’t bother.

I have a ticket in with Polaris to ask for information but I worry that they will just tell us to wait for Vega. I’ll update with the response I get.

If possible, set up a free test using https://www.mail-tester.com/. They give you an email address that you then send an email to. Then they will parse the email to let you know the specific problems that may be helpful when communicating with support.

To generate a test “in real-time” you can email yourself a title list from the PowerPAC as that should use the same backend process as the notices.


Thanks, Wes, this is very helpful. I conducted a test today. Overall it scored well but I’ll share the results with the Support team just in case. No action on the ticket yet.

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