PIAC Membership Application Open

Interested in joining the Polaris ILS Advisory Committee? PIAC is currently seeking new members! Complete this form to apply by May 3, 2024.

What is PIAC?

PIAC (Polaris ILS Advisory Committee) is a subcommittee of IUG, comprised of 6-10 IUG members who are Polaris users. PIAC represents Polaris ILS users to Innovative, and meets monthly with Innovative staff to discuss questions, concerns, and other items relevant to the larger Polaris community

Membership Criteria and Expectations:

Members of PIAC are expected to

  • Be active IUG members and users of the Polaris ILS
  • Serve a two year term (July 2024-June 2026)
  • Attend 2 virtual meetings/month
  • Identify agenda items impacting Polaris customers
  • Participate in discussion with Innovative on agenda items
  • Assist with writing and distributing the PIAC newsletter
  • Moderate IUG Zoom Forums
  • Promote PIAC and engage with the larger Polaris community

How to Apply

Complete the application by Friday, May 3. PIAC will review all applications by May 31 and will nominate a 2024-2025 roster to IUG Steering Committee. Once approved, the new roster will go into effect in July 2024. Feel free to reach out to Debra if you have questions!

Can’t apply this year?

PIAC recruits new members annually, so if you are unable to apply this year, we invite you to consider applying in the next recruitment cycle! Until then, here are a few other ways to get involved with the IUG community: