Panic! At The Library: Preparing Diverse Collections For A Building Renovation

Program Title: Panic! At The Library: Preparing Diverse Collections For A Building Renovation
ILS: Sierra
Program Description: The Huntington Library will be undergoing a major renovation to older sections of the building within the next two years, including demolition. Many of these sections house a wide variety of collections ranging in value and rarity from a standard research collection to priceless archival and manuscript collections. These collections have been acquired and cataloged for over a century, and therefore the data in Sierra represent multiple and often conflicting standards and procedures that present The Huntington with some unusual challenges. This presentation will describe the many projects The Huntington Library’s Acquisitions, Cataloging, and Metadata (ACMe) team have untaken and continue to undertake in order to move these collections quickly and securely. Some of these projects include utilizing OCLC’s GreenGlass to identify items for deaccessioning based on data from multiple sources, adding barcodes to Rare Books and Archival & Manuscript collections that previously lacked them, and designing no less than three different inventory workflows based on unique collection needs. The primary focus will be on the role Sierra plays in these projects, particularly when it comes to updating hundreds to even thousands of records in one batch. The presenter will reflect on what worked and what didn’t, and will conclude with a brief overview of potential projects that could be pursued in the future thanks to the results of this labor-intensive work.

Speaker/ Information: Leslie Collie ( - Systems & Cataloging Librarian, The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens

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