O09 Living in the cloud - Polaris Hosted sites

Polaris Hosted libraries have their own special issues related to the fact that they don’t have access to the server which houses their data. This leads to different workflows within Polaris itself. This presentation will also have the added bonus that the presenters work at a library that might be the only Polaris Hosted site which is also 100% Virtual desktop infrastructure or VDI. This program will focus more on the specific aspects of what it is like working in a hosted environment including: Updating your PAC, running reports via SimplyReports, and EDI ordering among other things.

Program Numbers, Times & Locations
O09 | Wed, May 08 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM | Phoenix D

Presenters and Coordinators
Marcia Hull, Ponca City Library, hullmk@poncacityok.gov
Aaron Gray, Ponca City Library, grayea@poncacityok.gov
Jesse Jensen, Innovative, jesse.jensen@iii.com

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