Notice Forecast Report (SSRS)

This report shows how many notice rows may be going out in the next 12 days for each type of notice, based on notice timing settings, items that are set to become overdue, patrons about the expire, etc.

Since the report counts notice rows, it’s not an accurate count of specific notices - for instance, a patron with 5 items overdue on the same day would receive 1 notice, but here they would be counted 5 times - so it may be useful to tweak this to count only the PatronID and notice type for each day, depending on what’s most valuable for you. Also, it may be missing some notices your library uses…but hopefully it’s a good spring-board for libraries to make their own version!

SILS_RPT_Notice_Forecast.sql (30.1 KB)
Notice Forecast.rdl (153.2 KB)

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