News From PIAC - July 2023

Polaris ILS Advisory Committee (PIAC) Newsletter – July 2023

PIAC met with Innovative on Monday, July 24.

Polaris 7.5 Features
Polaris 7.5 is expected to be released in Q4 of this year. PIAC asked for updates on two of the newer features that are expected to be added in this update.

Multiple Pickup Options – Polaris 7.5 will add the ability to select a hold pickup location within the library, without the need to create additional branches. Currently, libraries need to add additional branches to support curbside pickup, smart lockers and drive-thru windows.

  • Statistics - Innovative clarified that the new hold pickup location will be recorded in the transaction log as a new transaction subtype for any transaction where “PickupLocation” is already recorded. This will allow libraries to track holds stats for each pickup area separately. The list of pickup areas will be configurable by library through SA.
  • Notices text – Hold notices will be modified to include information about the pickup area. The text will be appended to the current notice.
  • Transitioning existing branches to the new pickup options – Innovative is discussing potential options to help customers who have already created branches in Polaris transition to the new pickup location options. Details will be available towards the end of development.

Automatically Clear Object Locks – Polaris 7.5 will give customers the option to automatically clear old object locks from the system when staff forget to log out properly. Through SA, libraries will be able to determine which locks should be cleared (“older than…”) and how often the job will run. The setting will be disabled by default.

Incorrect Invoice Prices in Leap

Some customers have experienced issues with incorrect invoice prices for POs that have been released through Leap. At this time, multiple customers have reported the issue, but it does not appear to be affecting every customer and it is not affecting every invoice.

When a customer does encounter this issue, the total price for an invoice segment does not get updated when the invoice is received through EDI. After Support reloads the invoice file, the prices update successfully. The invoice line item can also be updated by changing the unit price, saving, then changing it back.

Innovative Support is working closely with development to track down the cause of the issue. Support will soon be adding this to the known issues list.

Libraries who do encounter this issue are encouraged to submit a ticket with their Site Manager. This helps Innovative get a sense of the scope of the issue.

Upcoming IUG Zoom Forums

Cataloging in Polaris - August 17 | 1:00 PM EST

This forum will allow participants to interact and discuss cataloging within Polaris.

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If you have questions, concerns, frustrations, praise, suggestions, the PIAC is here to represent you to Clarivate. Please feel free to reach out to Debra ( or any PIAC member.