New IUG Website launched today 10/17/2022

To better serve our community, we relaunched our IUG website today.

  • The new website should look extremely similar to what already existed, but we’ve modernized the hosting platform we were using.
  • There is now a more robust IUG Event Calendar with forums and regional events on the sidebar of every page.
  • We have moved our previous conference listings and clearinghouse materials to our new forum software so you can quickly find these resources.
  • Please note, if you are prompted to login into a page on the website, your website login information is now linked with your X-CD account.

We hope this refresh will allow everyone to better communicate and connect with the IUG committee and other community members. Thanks to everyone who helped us beta test the new site and forums!

Please send any questions or issues to


Yes, much improved thank you Wes!

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