Mobile App & Vega

We have the III mobile app and patrons love it. However, I still have it set up so that the backend is Encore vs. Vega. That is because we were an early adopter and at the time of launch, when we tried Vega in the app, it required re-authentication and wasn’t as smooth per user feedback.

If you are using III mobile app with Vega as the backend, would you be willing to share your experience and if possible, provide me with a test card/PIN so I can install, see how it works? Can you access your Vega bookmarks w/in the app (one of the comments we received in our annual survey last month was the wish for a “to read” list in the library app)?

I think we probably want to turn Vega on for III mobile, but because of the initial bad experience, I want to be sure I can explain to staff what the differences are from our current setup.

Thanks for considering,