Missing Presentations


I was looking back at my notes from IUG, and have two presentations I was hoping to review. The first is “10 Leap Hacks [Features] to Make Your Staff More Efficient”. Samantha Quell presented it on March 26. The second is “Leap Acquisitions A-Z in a Nutshell” presented by Jason Boland on March 27.

Any chance these will be posted?

Apologies if this isn’t the correct place to post this request. Thanks,



Those were from Innovative staff, so we have to wait on them to get those processed. I think @derekbrownrhpl some of them may now be available from Innovative?

They’ve just started going up in the Supportal, here’s a link to the list

Wonderful. Thanks for the link!

Hi, can you share where the slides are posted for the Detroit conference? I cannot seem to find them- many thanks!

Edited: I found them :wink:

Hi Kristine,
I found two from when I attended but I still can’t find several others. Have you been able to locate them yourself?

Which ones are you missing? We can work with the presenters to help get those uploaded.

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Hi Wes,

Thank you!
How to connect with your community showcase your resources across Vega
Understanding Artificial Intelligence (AI): The History, the Application & the Technology
Vega discover admin configuration
Vega LX for consortia
Vega discover administration and configuration Michael McClellan
Quick Hit how Sierra/Polaris syncs with Vega Frank Florian
Vega promote and promote web overview Nathan James Taylor Fisher
I really appreciate it-


Innovative has also uploaded presentations by their staff from IUG 2024 to the Supportal for easy access. III customers can retrieve these presentations by searching for “IUG 2024” in Supportal. Sierra and Polaris system users will only have access to the presentations of the system their library uses. For presentations related to Vega and general topics, III has made them available in both categories to accommodate a wider audience.

Additionally you can click on this link here as long as you are already logged into the Supportal: Click here after being logged in

I’ve pinged Clarivate regarding some of the missing presentations that you requested as well. I’ll continue to ask until those are shared on the III Supportal.

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Hi Derek,
I appreciate your help! I am unable to sign into the Supportal- I am trying to figure that out now. Thank you so much.

Your Clarivate site manager should be able to refresh the password and get you signed in if necessary :slight_smile:


I am still trying to get access to Supportal. Everyone I talk to seems to think the presentations are here in this forum. I hope to get access to them soon.
Thank you.