Mastering Create Lists 2018

Program Description

Create Lists remains an essential tool for a wide variety of tasks, from routine processing to database clean-up to statistics to specialized queries. This workshop will take a comprehensive look at all aspects of Create Lists, with special attention given to features only available in Sierra: relative dates, enhanced queries with the “in” operator, and using JSON to (for example) create a list from a file of barcodes or OCLC numbers. Those with some Create Lists experience will benefit most. While not required, participants will be encouraged to try searches out on their own systems.

Program Numbers, Times & Locations

C01 4/23/2018 1:30 pm - 4:00 pm Oceans 4


Richard V. Jackson, Huntington Library

Program Materials


Barcodes2JSON.xlsx (111.2 KB)
CreateLists_IUG2018_exercises.pdf (299.2 KB)
CreateLists_IUG2018_regex_handout.pdf (446.1 KB)
CreateLists_IUG2018_final.pdf (3.5 MB)