March News from PIAC

March News from PIAC (IUG Polaris ILS Advisory Committee)

Hosted Customer Server Migrations

80% of hosted customers have now moved into the Clarivate environment. Remaining migrations to the new data center are occurring into 2024 as customer AWS contracts expire. Some customers may move over prior to their server expiration as part of other updates like Polaris upgrades. If you are a hosted customer who has not migrated yet, contact your account manager to see when your AWS server contact expires.

Fun fact: About half of all Polaris customers are hosted!

Database Monitoring for Hosted Customers

PIAC asked whether Innovative provides any database monitoring tools for hosted customers. While cloud ops monitors all hosted customers, a customer monitoring dashboard can be created for a fee. Reach out to your account manager to discuss monitoring tools.

Technical Services Functionality in Leap

PIAC asked when Leap will have full parity with the client in terms of technical services functionality. Per Samantha Quell, the answer varies depending on which features your library uses. The development team would like to learn more about what your library’s roadblocks are to fully using Leap for serials, acquisitions and cataloging. Please comment on the public portal if there is an existing idea that is important to your library. If a feature you need in Leap isn’t listed on the public portal, submit the feature via the “Submit Idea” button in the upper right-hand corner. This feedback will help prioritize remaining functionality.

When it comes to cataloging functionality in Leap, advanced MARC editing is planned for a 2024 release. The development team is looking at what internal and external vendors are currently doing for advanced MARC editing. If there are currently MARC editing features that are used in 3rd party tools that you would like to see in Leap, email Samantha or submit it as an Idea on the public portal.

Keep an eye out for the What’s New in Polaris 7.4, which will be coming out soon! This will have more details on serials functionality in 7.4, including label printing and publication patterns.

If you have questions, concerns, frustrations, praise, or suggestions, PIAC is here to represent Polaris libraries to Innovative! Please feel free to reach out to Debra ( or to any PIAC member.
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