Managing Equipment/Library of Things Zoom Forum: Keeping the Conversation Going!

Many thanks to everyone who participated in yesterday’s Zoom forum! We had a terrific conversation about all the varied ways libraries of all types and sizes handle their collections of “things” - and some of the challenges that come along with those collections - be it in the ILS, through a different product, or a combination thereof. In fact, we had so many folks share wonderful and unique examples of what their libraries do that we wanted to create a space here for follow-up questions, answers, and general show-and-tell!

If you were able to join us yesterday and shared a link to your library’s solution and would like to post it here, or have a question for someone that you didn’t have a chance to ask, please feel free to jump into the thread - or if you weren’t able to join us and would like to ask the community a question or would like to share an experience or link to a solution, please do!