Lyngsoe Sorter with Sierra

Any libraries out there use a sorter with Sierra? Specifically, Lyngsoe? Would like to know how it’s been going for your system. What type of issues do you have with the vendor? Also wondering what type of modifications you needed to make in Sierra to play well with the sorter. Thanks for your time!

Sacramento Public Library has had one for several years. I set it up and managed it when I worked there. As long as you understand SIP2 messages and hierarchies, you’ll be fine. (There has to be something in the SIP message to sort on. If a collection doesn’t have anything unique about it in the SIP message, you won’t be able to split it out.)

I don’t know if it was area specific, but I was surprised by Lyngsoe’s expectation that we would do actual physical troubleshooting on the machine - taking off panels, replacing parts, etc. The closest tech was about 2 hours away.

Overall seemed like a solid system, and I liked the rep.

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I’ve worked with Lyngsoe for the past 9 years. We have no issues with the vendor; they’re fantastic. We’ve made some modifications with Innovative/Clarivate so that the machine updates the status to “check shelf” on items that are $, m, n, and z.