LX Starter - Bounces Question

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For those of you who are sending out LX Starter notices… if an e-mail bounces, does the sending e-mail still get a reply back informing you that it bounced, or is the only way to tell is via the admin app, when you look at the performance? When these notices were just from Sierra, any bounces went back to the sender address, and staff check that box to update patron accounts as needed (or respond to replies that patrons may send). I’m wondering now if this is something that I, as the admin of this, will have to monitor. Hopefully email also goes to the sender and the staff workflow is not affected. As far as I can tell, the documentation (online help or the videos) doesn’t address any of this. We started sending out notices this morning and no bounces, and I cannot remember what happened back in the fall, when we started testing this out.

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Sorry this is a VERY late reply, hopefully your question has been answered. Yes, we get bounceback notifications at our sending address.