Links from today's Zoom forum session on Polaris Reporting

Here are some links from our session today on Polaris Reporting:

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Thanks Wes!

Also, Trevor shared a few expressions that he uses to dynamically calculate the previous month in SSRS. Here’s the list that I use, following the same pattern of Googling it once and saving it in a document:

Begin Last Month: =dateadd("m",-1,dateserial(year(Today),month(Today),1))
End Last Month: =dateadd("s",-1,dateadd("m",0,dateserial(year(Today),month(Today),1)))

Begin Yesterday: =dateserial(year(Today),month(Today),day(today)-1)
End Yesterday: =dateadd("s",-1,dateserial(year(Today),month(Today),day(today)))

Last Month’s Name: =MonthName(Month(DateAdd("M",-1,Globals!ExecutionTime)))

Last Month’s Year: =(Year(DateAdd("Y",-1,Globals!ExecutionTime)))

Last Monday: =DateAdd(DateInterval.Day, 2-WeekDay(Today), DateAdd(DateInterval.Day, -7, Today))

Begin This Year: =dateserial(year(today),1,1)
End This Year: =dateadd("s",-1,dateserial(year(today)+1,1,1))

If you have others, please share

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