Leap receipt printing on Epson IV printers auto-cut not working

We are having issues with drivers for Epson IV printers and Leap receipts. We are able to autocut on Epson V printers but not on Epson IV. Has anyone got a solution they can share?

Our members had to use the Epson TM-88IV ReceiptE4 driver and at one point they had to have a very specific version of it: APD_456dEWM.

Sometimes the least expensive option to fix receipt printer problems is to replace them with something that you know works. Otherwise, you can sink dozens of staff hours into trying to fix them.

This would also be a good place to plug an idea that would help fix Leap receipt issues forever: Improve Receipt Printing from Leap – Innovate with us, consider voting on it please.

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Thanks so much, Wes. I wholeheartedly support Leap printing improvements!