Leap not clearing workforms and causing messages indicating record is in use

We are starting to test Leap now, hoping to use it for Circulation purposes in 2024. We have discovered that it doesn’t always clear the workforms. I was doing a presentation at our In-Service so I was performing various tasks in Leap and taking screenshots. Later that day, I had our Head of Reference call me asking if I could get out of a record for a book that I had looked up in Leap earlier. I was fairly sure I had logged out, but went back in and did so and that seems to clear the problem.

However, today, I was talking with another staff person and I was showing him some things in Leap and when we looked up my patron record, it told me it was locked. I had used it previously when working on the presentation. However, I had logged out of Leap. It told me the lock was from 10/12/23. I ended up going into the client and it was in the object locks table as was another old one. I cleared both of them. I ended up logging in and out of Leap multiple times and my record was still locked. I just logged in again, about 5 hours later and my record is no longer locked.

So far we have had issues with both item and patron records only opened in Leap and not clearing when they should. Has anyone else had this issue?

We strongly warn staff that they need to close records when they are done with them. Simply logging off should work but it doesn’t always. Our consortium also runs a process overnight (it may well be III’s) that clears older object locks.

We also advise staff to close records so back office staff can address tickets related to records promptly (example: staff may report issues with an item or bib records and our cataloguers cannot fix things if the records are open).

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Polaris 7.5 which should be released later this year, will have the auto-clear feature.

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Thanks! I’ll just plan on getting us upgraded to 7.5 before we go live with Leap.


It’s helpful to keep the Current/Recent records sidebar open (on the left side of the screen). Then you can keep an eye on how many records are still open and close all before logging out.