Leap freezing when searching for patrons

If Leap patron searches are slow or failing, you may need to rebuild the patron concordance. Sometimes, even if this job runs properly overnight as part of the CJ Keyword processing there can still be issues.

The process to run in an admin DB session is:

setuser 'polaris'
EXEC Polaris.IDX_BuildPatronConcordance;

The process typically takes a couple of minutes to run. If it is still not working, you can try to run the entire CJ Keyword processing - SQL Job but it will probably take closer to 30 minutes and the impact this might have running during the day is unknown.

You know you’re having this problem if you’re having trouble bringing up patron records by name or barcode in leap. In Active queries you may see lots of “WITH Step 1” items:

We’ve observed this happening on Polaris 7.4 installs.

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