Job posting: Data Analyst (closes 7/14/2024) - WCCLS, Hillsboro, OR

Job posting:

Washington County Cooperative Library Services (WCCLS) is seeking our first ever Data Analyst. The Library Data Analyst will synthesize and analyze disparate data sets, creating insightful reports to help WCCLS and libraries make data-informed and outcome-focused decisions that promote more equitable access to public library services in our county.

As the Library Data Analyst, on any given day you may find yourself:

  • Working with stakeholders to build out visual dashboards to support reporting needs.
  • Leading an internal team at WCCLS to submit our Oregon Public Library Statistical Report and collate data for libraries to do the same.
  • Meeting with the WCCLS Leadership Team to identify opportunities to bring data analysis to bear on decision-making.
  • Evaluating current data collection processes and prospects across teams.
  • Creating efficiencies in data gathering and reporting via automation.

More about WCCLS: