J08 Weeding or rightsizing? Why not call it collection adjustment?

Almost twenty years into the 21st century, academic libraries are under more pressure than ever to maximize use of their physical spaces, often through reduction in print collections to allow for more collaborative user spaces. Collection adjustment is a balancing act of thoughtful review and stakeholder input, with weeding strictly by title circulation or book condition no longer acceptable in many academic environments. What are III tools we can adopt to justify retaining print titles? How do we involve stakeholders as partners? What kind of workflow and time does this investment in adjusting the collection require; can it be scaled?

Program Numbers, Times & Locations
J08 | Tue, May 07 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM | Phoenix B

Presenters and Coordinators
Laura Turner, University of San Diego / Copley Library, lauraturner@sandiego.edu

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