J05 Making the Move to OpenAthens Authentication: One Library’s Experience

After a year of continual problems with WAM cookie issues, Azusa Pacific University decided to make the move to OpenAthens. It is a saml based authentication that offers more than just a proxy server. This presentation will discuss the process, from securing funding to university permissions to the implementation of the project. Now with implementation complete, we will share ideas for potential upgrades, as well as challenges and successes we have encountered.

Program Numbers, Times & Locations
J05 | Tue, May 07 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM | Laveen

Presenters and Coordinators
Denise Gehring, Azusa Pacific University, drgehring@apu.edu
Frank Dubisz, Library Systems, Azusa Pacific University, fdubisz@apu.edu
Christopher Holly, Ebsco, cholly@ebsco.com

J05_Making_the_Move_to_OpenAthens-Authentication_One-Librarys-Experience.pdf (1.7 MB)