IUG Virtual Presentation: Finding Messy Data: Create Lists and Excel

Sierra users rejoice! It’s time for another featured presentation from this year’s IUG conference. Many thanks to Mark Strang, of Bowling Green State University, for this insightful presentation on how to wrangle messy data in your Sierra system. This video will be openly available on YouTube for this coming week - great opportunity to share with colleagues who may not have been able to attend the conference!

Finding Messy Data: Create Lists and Excel
This program will explore some of the ways that Create Lists and Excel can be used to find improperly coded records in your Sierra or Millennium system.


Attached you’ll find the slides and handout for the IUG 2021 Virtual Conference program, Finding Messy Data: Create Lists and Excel , presented by Mark Strang , Bowling Green State University.

Note: due to size limitations, both documents were converted to PDF format.

To find out more about the upcoming 2022 Virtual Conference, check out the conference page at https://www.innovativeusers.org/conferences/iug-2022-virtual-conference


FindingMessyData-Handout-IUG2021.pdf (3.5 MB)
FindingMessyData-Presentation-IUG2021.pdf (3.4 MB)