IUG 2024 Conference Registration is NOW OPEN! 🎉

:arrow_forward: Registration for the premier in-person event is now OPEN!

The list of accepted user presentations and information about group discounts is available on the conference website.

We’ll be sharing more information about the conference in the coming weeks.

We look forward to seeing you in Detroit March 25th - 27th!

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We’re excited to see so many of you have already registered for IUG 2024!

We’ve had some additional questions about the registration process that we’ve answered below. If you have any additional issues, please let us know.

Missing registration options

We’ve had reports from one person who didn’t see the optional public library lunch when registering. We haven’t been able to replicate this, and our membership software provider is also uncertain as to what might have happened.

If you don’t see the public library lunch option when selecting the Early Bird or Wednesday single day package, please let us know by emailing kathy@innovativeusers.org

Group registration process

There was also a request to clarify how group registration works:

  1. Group registration is available when registering groups of 5 or more at the same time.
    • This presenter discount canNOT be applied at the same time.
    • If you need to combine a presenter and group discount, please email: kathy@innovativeusers.org BEFORE registering your group.
    • You can process the registrations separately if you’d still have 5 or more people on the same order.
    • So, the presenter would use their own discount code on their own order and then the remaining 5+ people would use the group discount code on their combined order.
  2. You must register all attendees on the same “order” for this discount to work. Make sure you know all your attendee’s registration choices BEFORE starting this process.
  3. One the first page of registration screen, enter GROUP into the discount code box.
  4. Complete the registration for your first attendee.
  5. :stop_sign: BEFORE completing the registration ADD your other attendees
    • You can use the quick add buttons to add those already linked to your organization:
    • Or you can use the Add Another Attendee… button and manually enter in the other attendee information.
  6. When you are finished adding attendees, select the Apply Discounts and Finalize Registration button.
  7. Complete the CKO process and enter payment information.

Registering someone else

The person processing the registrations does NOT need to be attending the conference.

  1. The first registration page is the billing contact information page.
  2. The next page is the first attendee information.
    • This is PREFILLED as the person creating the registration order.
  3. :memo: Make sure to CHANGE this information if you will NOT be attending the conference but are registering someone else.

Registering additional people after initial registration

If you’ve already registered, but need to register someone else, you can do this. You’ll be presented with a warning screen to let you know that you’ve already registered for this event.

  • You can proceed and :memo: CHANGE the information on the Attendee Information screen to register the other attendees.

Credit card processing payment errors

We’ve had reports of an occasional error on the final checkout page for some who are using credit card orders.

Example error message:

This typically indicates our credit card fraud alert system detected an issue with your order. It does NOT mean that your card has been “hacked” just that something wasn’t quite lining up when we tried to process your order.

Please forward a copy of your registration to: kathy@innovativeusers.org to assist with making sure the payment is processed.

Yesterday two of my coworkers were able to reserve their room at the conference hotel from 3/23 – 3/27. Today, it looks like there are no rooms available on the 23rd. Do you have any idea if more rooms will be available, or should I look for different accommodations?

Thank you,


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Just to verify, you did use our link to book your room? If so, I can get ahold of our conference coordinator to see what might be going in terms of availability.

Yes, I did use the IUG link. Thank you for looking into this Wes.

We have confirmed that our block is currently full for 3/23, but we are working with our conference planner and the hotel to see about opening more space. We’ll let you know when we hear an update, we hope it will be in the next day or two.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention!

I just checked the conference hotel’s website and was able to book a room from 3/23 – 3/27. Thank you!

What is the agenda/content of the Pre-Conference, and what time do Sunday’s events start?

The preconference information is now available in the preliminary program on the conference website: IUG 2024 - Innovative Users Group The information is also shown during registration.

Innovative is planning on all the sessions being all day 9am to 5pm with morning breaks, lunch (on your own), and afternoon breaks.

Thanks for heads up @aspurrier !

I’ve confirmed that additional rooms have been added to the 3/23 IUG room block in case others were having difficulty securing a room on that night. As a reminder, please make sure to use our link when booking your room.

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