IUG 2021 Virtual Presentation: (Still) Playing With Matches Sierra Encore ERIL

This week’s featured IUG virtual presentation is from the amazing rock star, Beacon Award-winning Richard Jackson of the Huntington Library, who gives us a helpful look into the sometimes daunting world of regular expressions in Sierra. This video will be openly available on YouTube for this coming week - great opportunity to share with colleagues who may not have been able to attend the conference!

(Still) Playing With Matches: An update to using regular expressions in Create Lists
Regular expression searches using the “matches” condition remain one of the most useful and powerful features of Create Lists. With Sierra 4.1, Innovative adopted the POSIX standard for its regex engine, enabling extended regular expressions (ERE) as well as basic (BRE), a change causing some previously used expressions to stop working. Using many examples, this presentation will review the basics of regular expressions and discuss the syntax needed to take advantage of EREs. In addition, I will touch on another Create Lists feature that was added in Sierra 5.0: the ability to do case-sensitive searches.


Attached you’ll find Richard Jackson’s IUG 2021 Virtual Conference presentation and handout for “(Still) Playing With Matches: An Update to Using Regular Expressions in Create Lists”

To find out more about the upcoming 2022 Virtual Conference, check out the conference page at https://www.innovativeusers.org/conferences/iug-2022-virtual-conference


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