IUG 2021 Virtual Presentation: Data & Analytics Portal (DAP): a dapper solution to data disorder

We’re excited to share this week’s featured presentation from the IUG 2021 conference! While all sessions from the conference continue to be available on the conference platform (limited to conference registrants), each week we will also share one session openly on YouTube.

Thank you to Jason Tenter and Eleanor Crumblehulme from Saskatchewan Information and Library Services for this presentation!

Data & Analytics Portal (DAP): a dapper solution to data disorder
Library data access and analysis is increasingly complex and important. We, a technology service provider for a public library consortium, administer a variety of reporting options for our members (SSRS, SimplyReports, Kibana/ElasticSearch), but many library workers found the options overwhelming and difficult to navigate. Starting from a desire to organize the chaos, we developed a plan to improve existing reporting options and help users find the right reporting tool for their tasks. Join us as we present our journey towards the re-design of our reporting services and the development of a single access portal - “DAP”.


Attached you’ll find slides that accompany the 2021 IUG 2021 Virtual Conference presentation, Data & Analytics Portal (DAP): A Dapper Solution to Data Disorder by Eleanor Crumblehulme, Library Systems Administrator, Saskatchewan Information and Library Services and Jason Tenter, Systems Administrator, Saskatchewan Integrated Library Systems.

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DapperAnalytics-Presentation-IUG2021.pdf (3.0 MB)