IUG 2021 Virtual Presentation: Customizing Leap Using CSS

Tailoring the Leap interface to procedures and practices at your library speeds up patron interactions, prevents mistakes, and simplifies training. Adding rules to Leap’s CSS files significantly expands a library’s options for customizing Leap beyond what can be done in Polaris administration. In this 2021 IUG Virtual Conference session, Paul Keith, from Chicago Public Library, reviews the basic HTML and CSS needed to hide Leap interface elements (buttons, menu options, etc.) not used by your library, then walks through several examples from Chicago Public Library’s implementation.

To find out more about the upcoming 2022 Virtual Conference, check out the conference page at https://www.innovativeusers.org/conferences/iug-2022-virtual-conference


CustomizingLeap-Presentation-IUG2021.pdf (2.5 MB)