Issues with Verizon email addresses?

We’ve noticed that multiple email addresses that are are sending email abuse reports for our Vega notifications. I’ve talked to one of the patrons where this happens, and she says she has not been manually reporting them and in fact the notifications never reach her inbox. Our IT department has confirmed we have SPF records configured and a DKIM entry created for the amazonses email server Vega uses, and we don’t have this problem with other email domains. Has anyone else been experiencing this? We’ve reported it to Polaris but haven’t gotten much traction.

We’ve had the same problem with a handful of patrons who have a Comcast e-mail. No other domains. Our SPF and DKIM entries are configured correctly. These show up in Vega as being marked as spam, but the patrons have stated they never received the e-mail in the first place. Our address/bounce account receives an “abuse report” from I opened a ticket for this (1138365), sent the header info., etc. and support said the LX Starter and CloudOps teams said that this had to be addressed by us on a case-by-case basis and patrons should contact Comcast to get assistance/confirm they are allowed to received mail originating from the SES mail server ( The only recourse for us was to suggest the patron set up/use a new email address from Gmail, which they did.

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This is super-helpful, Alison! Thank you so much!