Is there a SQL for average hold wait time?

Is there any way for us to find out what the average wait time on hold for an item is for a patron?

There’s a canned report in the client called ‘Request Time to Fill’ that gives some info. toward what you’re looking for. It’s in Utilities / Reports and Notices / Polaris / Circulation / Holds /. You set the Pickup branch(es) and date(s), and it gives you a rollup of holds filled in a variety of groups of days, and a calculation of Avg Days to Fill for each pickup branch.
My library decided that didn’t meet our needs, so I wrote a script that sends me a daily report that serves as raw material for a more robust calculation in Excel. We have so many items transiting that we wanted to capture info. about how long it takes to fill from each branch to each branch. But because so many items float, to get that I had to grab the item-assigned-branch as of when it filled the hold – it’s a hard thing to get from the transactions table, so I went with a daily report as a snapshot. Let me know if you’d like the script.

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Thank you SO MUCH. I really appreciate your help.