ILS Audit: It's Just as Scary as You Think

Program Description

Do you have trouble finding materials because your location codes are out of sync with your current collections? Are you ILS tables irreflective of current procedures? After years without an update to their ILS data, Omaha Public Library was experiencing these problems. To resolve these issues once and for all, five departments pulled together to audit and streamline patron types, loan rules, location codes and more. Project leaders will share why now was the right time to take in this project along with their process and lessons learned.

Program Numbers, Times & Locations
P06 4/26/2018 10:30AM - 11:30AM Ocean 1&2

Presenters and Coordinators
Lindsey Bray,, Omaha Public Library
Megan Klein-Hewett,, Omaha Public Library

ILS-Audit.pdf (714.4 KB)