Idea Lab: Wrapping Up

Hello Sierra users!

Thanks to your views, votes, and comments over the last 2 months many ideas made it to Expert Review. Our hardworking team of reviewers have considered all the ideas that came their way. Most of the ideas that advanced to Product Review or beyond will be included in a one-time prioritization process. This prioritization will take place in Idea Exchange, where the ideas will be distinguished with a special tag or status from the general pool of new ideas.

Ideas that did not advance to Product Review have now been archived in Idea Lab. Archived ideas can no longer be voted on. However, they will still be available to be viewed until Idea Lab access ends on March 18th. If you have an archived idea that you plan to resubmit in Idea Exchange, you may want to copy it while you still have access.

To view your archived idea(s) in Idea Lab:

  • At the top right, click on the arrow next to your profile photo/initials
  • Click “view profile”
  • Click the “Activity” graphic/link
  • Click “Ideas”

Thank you to everyone who has participated in Idea Lab, in particular to all the members of the voluntary Idea Lab team!

We will continue to provide updates on the transition to Idea Exchange.

Eleanor Crumblehulme and Sarah Frieldsmith
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators

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Hi Sarah/Eleanor - I think Wes posted something somewhere (can’t find it in the forum, maybe it was under something else) about the new Idea space and provided a link. Can you put that somewhere? And also, will the III support page (Support Home - Home - at Innovative Interfaces) be updated, where it has a link for Idea Lab, so that it goes to the new site?

Thanks for considering…

Hi Alison,

We will post the link for the new idea space, Idea Exchange, once it launches on April 3. Innovative will also update their link closer to launch date!

Your memory is correct. In the email notice Innovative sent out, they forgot to post a link to their FAQ page. I posted it to Discourse in case anyone was looking for it, but I’ll post it in this thread as well: FAQ: Idea Lab is now the Idea Exchange - Innovative Interfaces Inc.

There really isn’t much new content on that page as @sfrieldsmith and @EleanorC had already done an excellent job of updating IUG members prior to the publication of the FAQ page.

Thanks all. I probably glanced at the III email/FAQ and promptly forgot about it and then saw Wes’ post on Discord somewhere. I did look at at the time and thought maybe it was live, since there were idea showing at the top of the page (completely disregarded the picture of the laptop showing “under construction” on the screen).