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You have just over 2 more weeks to make your impact on Idea Lab.

If you have already voted for and commented on the ideas you like, the best thing you can do to support them is to share them! Send a few of your favourites to your co-workers, post them in the IUG Forum or the IUG Discord.

Acquisitions, Serials, & Item/Issue/Inventory Management
On Order status available in Item Bulk Change
Same Barcode as Deleted Item

Cataloging & Metadata Management
Prevent Modification Date Setting on New Bib Records

Circulation and Patron Services
Display Last Activity Date in Item Records
Select multiple branches more easily in LEAP find tool
Additions to Library Assigned Blocks
Auto Renew Tied to Branch Rather than Item

Customer Relationship & Account Management
Automate lost card number request via email option in PAC

Discovery & OPAC
Surprise Me! - PAC random search
Polaris - PowerPAC - Let searches be shared without breaking

Thanks for your support!

Eleanor Crumblehulme and Sarah Frieldsmith
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators

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