Idea Lab: last few days to vote!

Hello Polaris Users!

This is the last week to vote and comment on ideas in Idea Lab, before we take a small hiatus and re-emerge as Idea Exchange. Ideas that do not make it to Expert Review will not migrate to the new system. Please view, vote, and comment on/for the ideas below! (Stats current as of posting.)

Acquisitions, Serials, & Item/Issue/Inventory Management
Custom columns in record sets (needs 4 views, 3 comments)
On Order status available in Item Bulk Change (needs 2 votes, 1 comment)
Same Barcode as Deleted Item (needs 9 votes, 4 comments)

Cataloging & Metadata Management
Add “Preview” Ability to Leap Bib Record Search (needs 1 view, 3 comments)
Prevent Modification Date Setting on New Bib Records (needs 1 vote, 2 comments)

Circulation and Patron Services
Additions to Library Assigned Blocks (needs 1 vote, 5 comments)
Auto Renew Tied to Branch Rather than Item (needs 11 votes, 2 comments)

Customer Relationship & Account Management
Automate lost card number request via email option in PAC (needs 2 views, 8 votes, 2 comments)

Discovery & OPAC
Polaris - PowerPAC - Let searches be shared without breaking (needs 2 comments)

Reporting, Analytics, Assessment, & Impact
Add ISBNs to Item Record Sets Outputs (needs 3 comments)
Purge Settings for Report Files in SimplyReports (needs 1 comment)

Eleanor Crumblehulme and Sarah Frieldsmith
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators