Idea Lab: Expiring ideas on Acq, Circ, and Disco!

Hello Polaris Users,

This week Idea Lab is featuring ideas relating to acquisitions, circulation, and discovery. Please view, vote, and comment on these ideas to help them get through to the next stage. Each idea needs a total of 50 views , 40 votes , and 10 comments to get to Expert Review!

On Order status available in Item Bulk Change

Allow date searches to search for before a given date rather than only for a range

Improve the SIP Vendor Profile used by Bibliotheca SelfChecks

Leap Check Out Button Label Receipt and add Button to Close without Receipt

LEAP – Picklist processing display – customize fields

Surprise Me! - PAC random search

Clarity in the “available now” facet in PowerPAC for consortium libraries

Printing Reading History in the Polaris

Eleanor Crumblehulme and Sarah Frieldsmith
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators