Idea Lab: Big Announcement! (and expiring ideas)

Hello Polaris users!

:loudspeaker:Breaking news! :loudspeaker:
The enhancement process currently set up between Innovative and IUG will be changing! Innovative will no longer be using the Idea Lab (Spigot) software. They will be accepting ideas submitted through a software platform used by other Clarivate companies, including Ex Libris, called UserVoice. Like Idea Lab, UserVoice facilitates the submission of ideas and allows voting and commenting on them. Unlike Idea Lab, it will not have any timed challenges. However, there will be an annual process to prioritize top ideas, details to be determined.

We will begin the transition to this new platform and process at the end of this year. New idea submission in Idea Lab will be disabled December 31. In the new year, we encourage all users to participate in helping to push along the existing ideas in the Always Open spaces. That will probably wrap up in mid-late February. Ideas that get to Product Review or Future Development will be considered for inclusion in the first prioritization process later in the year.

The new platform will be officially launched at the IUG conference in Phoenix (May 10-13).

There are many details still to be worked out, but Sarah Frieldsmith, Eleanor Crumblehulme, and Kathy Setter, along with Wes Osborn (IUG Steering Committee chairperson) will be meeting with Innovative throughout this transition. We will share information as it becomes available and will advocate to make this new process work for the product users.

You will see more general announcements sent out soon via the IUG Forum, IUG Newsletter, etc.

Send us any questions you have. We may not be able to answer them immediately but will provide information as soon as we can.

Here are some of the ideas currently in the Polaris Always Open Space that need your support to get to the next level:
Set default login branch based on different metrics
Select multiple branches more easily in LEAP find tool
Recaptcha for the PayFlowLink payment processing gateway
Web Admin - PAPI Key Management Permissions
Display Last Activity Date in Item Records
Easy link to item and bib details when using New Hold function in Leap Holds view
Reading History by Filter and Alert
Develop a method to allow the deletion of Lost ILL’s
Allow ability to set branch search default in Leap Serials Check In
Shipping - Processing

Eleanor Crumblehulme and Sarah Frieldsmith
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators


Yet another announcement that Innovative should have shared directly with all customers! Submission of new ideas will be disabled in 4 days and we’ve yet to hear anything from Innovative staff. Sigh.

Yes, I don’t know how well the information has filtered throughout III to site managers, etc. That is something we can follow up on when we meet with III later this week. The new site should be up and running by early May though, so please keep a note of any ideas you have in the meantime!

And yes, the transition was quite short notice. Thanks for sharing your comment!