Idea Exchange: New Ideas

Hello Innovative Product Users!

Here are some of the ideas submitted to Idea Exchange within the last 2 weeks(ish)!


Add Custom Data Fields to Item Records
Improve functionality of credits on patron accounts
Allow library to exclude certain material types from Claim Return function
Bulk Change Pickup Location for Held Items
Patron last name display in Leap
Pull DVD artwork for notices using BOTH ISBNs and UPCs
Send Notices to both Primary Email Address AND Alternate Email Address
Generate and track a new patron access PAC override password every time it’s needed


Encore request box character limit improvement
Add a new filter to the heading report to exclude suppressed records
Add OPACMSG field to return in APIs
OAI-PMH marc21 to marc21 crosswalk
Correct 0 date values in SQL views to NULL values

Innovative Mobile

Online payment integration
Scan Book - no results - return page
Simplified landing page
Item level requesting in the app

LX Starter

Offer sorting options for Notice Activity Logs
Pull DVD art using BOTH ISBNs and UPCs
Book icon being used to represent DVDs when cover art isn’t available.
Add more notice filters
Show copy of the notice sent in LX starter backend
Show amount due in the backend of LX Starter

Vega Discover

Consortia library content filtered based on patron’s account access
Improvements to the patron account modal
Be able to suppress holdings by branch
Have cover image change when a different format tab is clicked
Present a dropdown of the configured hours where the collection site can choose their default.

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Eleanor Crumblehulme and Sarah Frieldsmith
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators