Idea Exchange is now live!

Hello Polaris users!

Idea Exchange is now live! Innovative’s new platform for enhancement suggestions is ready for your new ideas on how to improve the products we rely on.

You can browse ideas without logging in or create an account to vote on, rank, comment on, or submit ideas. There are now more product categories: in addition to Sierra and Polaris, there are categories for INN-Reach, Innovative Mobile, Innovative Phone Alerts, LX Starter, Vega Discover, Vega Program, and Vega Promote.

To submit a new idea, start typing a descriptive idea name in the search box within the appropriate product category. If there are similar ideas already submitted, you will see them in the search results and can decide if a new submission is still needed.

Most of the ideas currently in Idea Exchange are from the Future Possibilities and Product Review stages of Idea Lab, and they are tagged as such. You can vote, rank, or comment on them. Any support they gain will go towards identifying the top priorities for implementation.

The Innovative product leaders will monitor the ideas and manage their progress towards implementation. Ideas that garner a lot of support will be prioritized, but without the specific thresholds required in Idea Lab.

Let’s make this new enhancements process a success and let Innovative know how they can improve your library products.

Eleanor Crumblehulme and Sarah Frieldsmith
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators