Idea Exchange: early activity

Hello Polaris Users!

There has been a lot of activity in Idea Exchange already: 22 new Polaris ideas and 5 in the Vega and Mobile categories since it went live! To support ideas you like, you can vote, comment, and use the importance ranking.

Ideas marked as Product Review or Future Possibilities were imported from Idea Lab. Ranking them will help to determine which of them gets implemented.

When you submit a new idea, consider putting your name and library at the beginning of the description. Idea Exchange does not display the author’s name in the list/results display of ideas, so including it in the description helps people see who submitted the idea before they open it.

Thanks to all the early adopters!

New to Idea Exchange? Read an overview of the enhancements process here.

Eleanor Crumblehulme and Sarah Frieldsmith
IUG Enhancements Co-Coordinators


Hi Eleanor, I appreciate the advice.

I’m facing difficulty in getting notified about new item postings on the ILS Polaris “forum”. Currently, there are 121 ideas on the forum, and I’m afraid I’ll have to go through all of them to provide feedback. Although I noticed an option to filter by status, it only includes Idea Lab ideas.

To give you a brief overview, the available statuses are:

Future Possibilities (Idea Lab) (87)
Product Review (Idea Lab) (12)

I’m hoping for options to receive alerts or follow specific ideas in the future. If you have any tips or tricks to make this new offering more user-friendly, I would greatly appreciate it.

I should add that I cannot find a way to filter out ideas that I have voted on… This is starting out as a “painful” experience with Idea Exchange…

Hi Eric, that is really good feedback. The best advice I can give for now is to sort by New - that way the Idea Lab ideas will go to the bottom. There will be other statuses used, but there is no status for ideas that have not yet been reviewed by the product team. I will suggest that they consider adding one, since there is no way to limit to no status. The statuses are: Under Review, Planned, Completed, Already Supported, Closed, Archived.

I am not sure what everyone else sees but the statuses on my view are Future Possibilities (Idea Lab) (87), and Product Review (Idea Lab) (12) as pictured below. There is no way for me to filter by Under Review, Planned, Completed, etc…


I am also not finding a way to search the ideas. For example, I am viewing an idea now regarding Holds, there is already an idea that covers that topic and I was going to post a link in the idea pointing to the existing idea but I cannot find the existing idea without scrolling through the pages to find the existing idea.

No ideas have been reviewed yet, so the new statuses have not been used yet. As soon as the product team starts to look through the new ideas, we should start seeing some go to Under Review.

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The Enter your idea field doubles as the search field. That way, if you start to enter an idea, the search results will show similar ideas. The hope is that it will reduce duplicate ideas.

Ah thanks for the clarification.

At this point of my frustration with Idea Exchange. I am taking pause as Idea Exchange appears to be far from ready for use… Sorry

p.s. I found the search but it is only on the home page. Knowledge Base – Innovate with us ( but can be accessed in a dedicated search page.

Thanks for giving it a workout! I will share your feedback with Innovative.

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