I created a map of how records are connected

Hey folks, a few years ago I created a map of how all the record types we used in Sierra were connected: Sierra records and relationships by Mandi S on Prezi Next and I feel like it will be helpful for others, even if some of the specifics may be different from other institutions. We’re in the process of migrating away from Sierra so I’m updating all my documentation, and I would hate for this info to be lost. The permission setting for this Prezi allow others to make a copy for themselves - I definitely suggest doing that, so you can update it for your own institution, or at least prevent link rot from relying on mine - I’m generally pretty good about not deleting things I’m sharing, but since I’m hardly in Prezi, it’s possible my account will be deactivated and this copy will be lost.

I’m going on vacation tomorrow (for an entire month!) so I won’t be around to immediately answer questions, but I’ll try to pop in here when I get back - no promises though.

Have a great June!