How to determine the number of records edited during a time period


I have been trying to figure out how to report the number of records I have personally edited during a 3 month time period. I have had difficulty with SimplyReports returning items I did not work on. Would a SQL search be a better way to collect this information? I am open to all suggestions.

Our consortium uses SQL for this purpose and has it set up in SSRS so each library system can run such stats themselves. Specifically, we select a date period and it gives a breakdown of records created vs. modified and brief vs. full for each staff member at the selected library system. It works quite well. @jtenter do you have any cautions or comments for Katie?

@lreynish Thank you for your reply. I am not sure how to put together an SQL query that would do this. Is there a website or resource you could recommend?

Hi Katie, I put together a script you can use in Polaris using the SQL search option (attached). Does this help give you what you need?

If you have access to SQL I could give you a version that you can run directly with titles and other details. I also think there should be a way to do this in SimplyReports, but I’d need to play around with it a bit to suggest details.
Bib - Created or Modified by User (2023-10-12).sql (834 Bytes)


Thank you so much for putting this together. I will test it and let you know if it works.

Thanks @jtenter ! The real expert on all things SQL at our consortium.

Hi, Thanks again for your help. I entered this code into the find tool with the headers set to item record, SQL search and unsaved.
I copied and pasted the code exactly, except for adding my name as shown below. It seems to work except returns many more items than seem accurate (over 500,000) and when I spot checked a few of these resulting records, I don’t see any obvious indications that I modified them.

Am I putting my username in the wrong place?

and = ‘MyUserName’ – add your Polaris username in the brackets, without a domain (if used)

I want to clarify that the example in the previous post is where I put my actual Polaris user name. I ran the search with my actual Polaris user name, not MyUserName. Also I am preforming the search in LEAP find tool.

Sorry I forgot to enter @jtenter

Hi Katie,

I see what you’re saying. It looks like there are some things that can’t work with that script here, which makes this trickier…Although there are some ways you can go to see bibs that you created or modified last (excluding bibs others have modified since your last edit,) I don’t think there’s a way to see all bibs you’ve modified without running a query on the back-end. Full history of modifications isn’t easily accessible.

Tell me, is there someone on your team who can run SQL scripts for you (even your Polaris site manager, if hosted), or are you comfortable with only seeing bibs you edited last?


Hi @jtenter
I know we have a Polaris representative that can help with technical issues. Do you think I should ask them to run a query on the back-end? I was hoping there would be a way I could handle it on my own, since I need the numbers quarterly.

Hi Katie,

It may not hurt to ask. I’m not sure there’s another easy way to see details of bibs modified by you that were later modified by someone else (though someone else may correct me!). I’ve attached a script that returns some basic details (bib ID, title, author, creation and modification dates, and an attached item count) you can run by them.

If that doesn’t work, you can search or use SimplyReports to find bibs you created, or were the last modifier on. I can give some tips to help with that.


Bib - Created or Modified by User (2023-10-24).sql (1.2 KB)

@jtenter Great! Thanks. I will contact our Polaris Rep and show her this. I really appreciate your help.