Hoopla API and Polaris

Does anyone know if Innovative is actively working on an API to bring marc records into Polaris the same way that Overdrive and CloudLibrary do? My co-workers are wondering if with an API you can still limit the records being brought in to just the most popular records or if all of the hoopla records would have to be created.

The :arrow_forward: product board is the best resource to see what is coming soon for Polaris.

I don’t see anything on there and I’m not surprised by that. My guess is that they’re focusing those integration efforts on Vega Discover instead. You can see some recent similar integrations over on the Vega product board.

These integrations are incredibly complex and many times the limiting factor is the APIs that the eContent provider offers. There is little incentive for the eContent provider to disintermediate their own discovery service as they prefer to think they can get patrons and libraries “locked in” if they must exclusively use their own discovery platform.

Back when we had Hoopla, they offered various MARC record packages based on most popular format etc. that you could import into Polaris. We didn’t opt for that ourselves but I don’t recall what the reasons were. It may have had something to do with tracking those records and getting them out of the system when the next periods most popular batch of records came along. I seem to remember there may have been a way based on the MARC encoding so the import would also remove the records to be deleted. It would be worth checking with them on it though.

We do currently import the popular marc records from hoopla. With overdrive and cloudLibrary we use Polaris econtent integration to automatically bring the records into Polaris. We were hoping that innovative would implement this with hoopla also.


We’ve just started importing hoopla records and are curious what method you use to pull them back out from month to month. I feel like there’s probably a really simple method that I just haven’t thought of yet! Any words of wisdom would be great!


We import the file of Hoopla titles being removed into a record set. The import profile saves the incoming record as final and replaces (overlays the database record). It matches on the 037, subfield a - which is a number unique to the Midwest record. Then we delete the bib records from Polaris.



Thank you, Anne! Can you tell I’m not a cataloger? :wink: